Class Attire

Each dancer has their own personal style that develops as they progress. Eventually, you will acquire costume pieces such as jewelry, scarves and hip accents that represent your own individual taste. However, oftentimes people do not know what to wear, so here are some suggestions for class, in order to get you started.


  • A leotard or unitard. Your choice of sleeve style.

  • Crop top, bra top or sports bra and leggings.

  • Crop top, bra top or sports bra and shorts.

  • Hip Scarf or Sarong in a contrasting color from your leotard.

  • Flat sandals, flat taichi shoes, flat canvas or velvet "maryjanes", ballet slippers or bare feet.

  • Broomstick skirts or other full skirts.

  • Any jewelry that pleases you.


  • Pantaloons ("Harem Pants"), chalwar or other loose pants.

  • Sweatpants.

  • Hip "Tucks". One or two small scarves to tuck in your hipband to accentuate movement.

  • Inexpensive metal coin belt.

  • T-shirt, blousy sleeved shirt or shirt and vest combo.

  • Flat sandals, flat taichi shoes, ballet slippers or bare feet.

Important Notes

As you can see, we have tried to keep the class attire suggestions as simple and cost effective as possible. However, if you only have a t-shirt and shorts, please don't let that stop you from coming! Keep in mind that these are only fun suggestions for those who might want them, but all are welcome! Bellydance is a folk dance and is danced in everyday clothing all the time. You don't have to have any special "gear".

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